The Story of Nevada Commercial Coatings: What We Do


Employees That Reflect Our Values

When you establish a painting company based on certain values, it’s essential to hire people who share those philosophies. Nevada Commercial Coatings employees take tremendous pride in doing an outstanding job and always honoring our commitments. Since our inception, this consistent and predictable level of quality has led to repeat business and referrals. We hope to earn your business, too, and cultivate a relationship that endures for years to come.
When you trust your home or business painting needs to Nevada Commercial Coatings, you are guaranteed high quality painting services from one of the top area painting providers and product selection from some of the top brand names in the painting industry. We know exactly which tools are required for each contract and provide free consultations about your Industrial, Commercial or Residential painting needs before beginning the job
So, even if you know nothing about painting, the talented staff at Nevada Commercial Coatings can assist you is discovering the painting services that you need.

Our promise to our customers is as follows:

We will never rush a residential or commercial painting job
We will use the top quality paint and tools to complete your contract to your satisfaction
We will never leave any tools, stains or materials behind that you must clean up
We will always stand behind our work and take pride in your painting service

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