Nevada Commercial Coatings is experienced in the application of fabric, textile and vinyl wall coverings by manufacturers such as YorkWolf-Gordon, MDC, DeNovo Wall, and Koroseals.

Ask your Nevada Commercial Coatings consultant for information on wall coverings made with silk, woven paper, genuine wood veneer, cotton, linens, jutes, grasscloths, corks and textured weaves, vinyls, polyolefins, and acoustic panels. Additionally, we can install murals (also called digital wallcoverings), oversized wall hangings and commercial quality whiteboards such as Walltalkers®.

Commercial Wallcoverings 101

Commercial (and institutional) wallcoverings are manufactured to meet or exceed the characteristics set forth in Federal Specifications CCC-W408, which address flammability, tear strength, abrasion resistance, washability, scrubbability, and stain resistance. Examples of various types of commercial wallcoverings are:

Acoustical  wallcoverings, which are designed for use wherever sound reduction is a primary goal, such as meeting rooms, offices, theaters, auditoriums, restaurants as well as corridors and elevator lobbies. A typical acoustical wallcovering is made mainly of man-made polyester and olefin fibers. These products are ranked by a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NCR) rating, which indicates the amount of sound absorbed by the product. The higher the NCR number, the more effective the wallcovering is at absorbing noise.

Cork and Cork Veneer wallcoverings have a variegated texture with no definite pattern or design. Cork Veneer is shaved from cork planks or blocks and laminated to a substrate that may be colored or plain.

Digital  wallcoverings include murals and large-scale custom imagery that is adhered to a paper or vinyl backing, then installed onto a wall, column, or ceiling.

Dry Erase wallcoverings are advanced, large-scale white boards suitable for frequent and long-term use. Common brands include Walltalkers®, Speakeasy®, and Set®.  Commercial or institutional quality dry erase wallcoverings are technologically superior in that they will not permanently “ghost”, are more durable than standard-issue precut white boards, and won’t yellow or de-laminate. Custom sizes are available, as are projectable and colored dry erase products.

Fabric Backed Vinyl  has a woven substrate of fabric or a non-woven synthetic substrate. In either case, the substrate is laminated to a solid vinyl decorative surface. Two categories of fabric backed vinyl wallcoverings are most common: Type I, which is known as “light duty” and is typically used in offices, hospital patient rooms and hotel rooms. Type II, which is known as “medium duty” and is typically used in common or busy areas such as foyers, lounges, corridors and classrooms.

Natural Textile wallcoverings are typically made with silk, cotton, linen, jute, or grasscloth, are usually laminated to an acrylic or paper backing to enhance dimensional stability and to prevent the adhesive from coming through to the product’s surface. These textiles can be fine or coarse in texture.

Paper Backed Vinyl / Solid Sheet Vinyl  wallcoverings are very durable since the decorative surface is a solid sheet of vinyl. These are classified as scrubbable and peelable.

Polyolefin / Synthetic Textile wallcoverings boast the appearance of a natural textile, but are much more stain and abrasion resistant than their inspiration. These products are generally installed using an acrylic or paper backing.

Vinyl Coated Paper has a paper substrate on which the decorative surface has been sprayed or coated with an acrylic type vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Wood Veneer wallcoverings are mostly laminated to fabric backing and are available in Class A and Class B fire ratings. Environmentally-sensitive options are available; the characterization of these refers to the wood products used and the minimal wood waste created in the wallcovering manufacturing process.

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