Improve the Safety & Appearance of Your Building with Commercial Power Washing

The look of a business’s exterior is the very first thing people notice. Does yours inspire visitors to walk through the front door? If the answer is ‘no,’ it may be time to consider professional, commercial power washing services from Nevada Commercial Coatings. After all, you only have one chance to make that first impression.


As Northern Nevada’s commercial pressure washing authority, Nevada Commercial Coatings excels at restoring all types of building exteriors to a state of inviting cleanliness and safety. Our leading-edge equipment and personnel quickly remove years' worth of tough stains, mold and more, dramatically enhancing your property’s appearance and environment.

Improve the Beauty, Value, and Safety of Your Property

Pressure washing not only boosts property values with added curb appeal, it also removes dangerous elements from your building so employees and visitors can work in safety. You can look forward to the:

Restoration of dull, discolored limestone and brick walls to their original glory
Removal of grime and stains from awnings and signage
Removal of stains and mildew from masonry
Cleaning of oil and grime from production and warehouse floors
Clearing of unsightly salt, dirt, and debris from sidewalks, parking lots, and entrances
Elimination of grease and grime from dumpster areas and drive-throughs

Get Rid of Graffiti with Commercial Power Washing

Nothing detracts from the appearance of your business quite like graffiti. Not only does it spoil your building’s facade; it can encourage other vandals to contribute their own “artwork”—and even invite physical damage to your property. At Nevada Commercial Coatings, we’re proud to help maintain the integrity of Nevada’s fine establishments. Our safe, non-abrasive approach removes inks and paints from substrates using proven commercial pressure washing techniques and eco-friendly solvents.

What You Can Expect

Fair and accurate estimates are provided at no cost
In most cases, environmentally friendly products are used
Only trained professionals power-wash your buildings
Your job is scheduled to fit your needs—days, nights, and weekends
We treat your property, employees, and patrons with courtesy

Looking to renew your building’s exterior, improve workplace safety, and more?

Contact us today to learn about high-quality commercial power washing services from Nevada Commercial Coatings, and get a free, no-obligation commercial pressure washing quote.

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